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Information om Mick Bruce

Registreret medlem siden 1. marts 2007.

Mick Bruce har skrevet følgende indlæg i forummet:

 Ekstra busser (2007-06-03 14:55)
2024,2049,2053,2055,2056,2058,2060,2061,2304 1,2,3 Juni

 Århus Sporveje 095 (2007-03-01 23:16)
Perhaps the whole Danish bus preservation movement has a lot to learn from the success of the English movement, where even within large collections certain individuals have personal responsibility for individual vehicles.There are more than 1000 preserved buses in the UK, mostly owned by private persons,with great passion and enjoyment, little worry or stress. 
Provided secure parking is available,the best way to secure engines and gearboxes longterm is to leave them fitted to the driveable donor bus until they are actually needed,which can also be enjoyed for years until spare parts are required. 
The other issue is money -last summer somebody sold Volvo B59 ex HT695 to a country gent that I know for 8500kr , who used 2 weeks of his spare time to fill 3 containers with scrap and 1 with rubbish and earn himself nearly 40,000 kr from 695, such is the price of Aluminium scrap these days- do the math for an 8000kg bus! Thankfully most English buses are steel framed so not worth much as scrap.Vertical Leyland 680 engines are still easy to find in Yorkshire- take a van and stock up on cheap bits while you can.I owned my own London Transport bus for 10 years and never had anything more serious go wrong than flat batteries- drink with the right people (like active or retired London Transport mechanics) and you can find all the help you need without resorting to professionals who do want 1000kr per hour who dont have personal knowledge and passion for your Leylands like a certain Copenhagen company who made a hash of a Bristol VRT with engine trouble a couple of years ago and still presented a bill in excess of 10,000kr for a bus they couldnt repair

 Berkhof gasbusser tilbage i København (2007-03-10 15:57)
10.3.07 VA graffitti tag day 
VA Fires Jan 6270, Feb 5199 
VS - 6272 + 6281

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3. juni 2007


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